There comes a moment in the life of everyone who is even slightly overweight where something just clicks. And everything falls into place. Like a blindfold has come off  or your glasses have just un-fogged.

Well, *touch-wood* I am a very lucky person because for me this moment came twice. And both times it came in the form of a bet or a competition. I had to prove someone else wrong. The first time around in 2014 it was the sheer peer pressure that my cousin was going on a solid weight loss regime and I was left behind. Combined with the fact that I wanted to join the Air Force and nasty comments from people I lost around 17 kilos by the time I graduated college and I was at my lightest.

Then I took up a job. Which spelt disaster for me. My job involved me waking up at 6 am every morning ( sometimes Saturdays as well) and I would return home by  20:30 every evening, exhausted. Needless to say the pounds piled back on. I could have tried to incorporate exercise into this routine but somehow I lacked the motivation and the will to do so. The only exercise I would do, walk to the metro stations instead of taking rickshaws, taking the stairs instead of using the escalators and swapping the junk food in the pantry for fruits and oats that our company so thoughtfully provided.

Six months later I quit my job and was going travelling to Milan, Spain and the Netherlands. I was travelling with both friends and family. Obviously I ended up spending more of my time with my friend as compared to with our families. She was studying Fashion in Milan and looked the part through and through. Just a look at her was enough to send my self-esteem ( whatever little that remained) spiraling down.

I have always been the emotional eater varieties – specially when sad. There is something about ice cream at 2 am after a fight with your boyfriend that nothing else can cure. And then there is the guilt of the entire thing the next day which no amount of feeling upset would cure.

When I got back from the vacation I weighed in and 7 kilos out of the 17 that I had lost had come back. They made their presence felt in  the most obvious ways – clothes, stamina, self esteem and the works!

At this point of time I must make it a point to tell you that despite losing those 17 kilos earlier I has still 3 more kilos to lose to reach the goal weight of 20 kilos. And here I was – not managing to reach the goal weight the first time and gaining back 7 kilos of the unwanted flab as well !

And that is when my second chance at doing this came up !

Jai had always been one of my biggest critics and a major part of our conversation was spent on him trying to motivate me to get back into shape! This time when I got back from the holiday he just gave up on me. He told me that I wont be able to lose weight and that I would always crib but never do anything about it. My ego jumped up at this and I knew I had to prove him wrong and we had a bet.

I would need to lose 12 kilos in 2 months.The bet was for a perfume if I lost and a dinner if I won. Now, don’t get me wrong, I knew that going by healthy standards it was not possible for me to do so. But I also knew that I lacked motivation and  this bet would give me that and thus I agreed to the horrendous terms. I guess somewhere even he knew I would have taken this challenge up and maybe that was his way of getting me to lose weight. Even if I lose half the amount i.e. 6 kilos in 2 months I will be extremely proud of myself 🙂

Also what helps is having a sister-in-law who is an inspiration – mother of two,  a baker and a marathon runner ( she lost 30 kilos herself  )!

This is it. My second chance. My motivation.

What’s your motivation story ?


One thought on “The BET

  1. Wether you lose or win the bet, you have won the mind game already! I’m super super proud of you and I know you have it in you to get anything you want, if you set your mind on it 😊


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