Madrid – Day 2 – El Escorial & The Valley of the Fallen

Day 2 ! We headed out for Monte El Escorial and the Valley of The Fallen .

The El Escorial is basically like a Royal Palace and has a cathedral as well as a monastery and a university library as a part of the main structure.

The route was absolutely beautiful with snow capped mountains and green fields.


It is situated in the north west region and it is really cold up there ,about 3 degrees !

We were taken on a guided tour by one of the staff and they showed us the rooms of the King and Queen, starting from Charles the First in Spain ( who was Charles the Fifth in Germany) to Alphonse the Third. We saw the various rooms of the palace, the walking room ( as they called it since the King who has gout, used to walk there) , the offices etc.


The cathedral was beautiful. AHigh glass domes with a transparent behind the altar ( which is a hole in the wall through which light falls in from the room behind) .

We did not get a chance to spend a lot of time there though, and rushed off to see the Valley of the Fallen which is made as a tribute to all those who lost their lives in the civil war. It is created inside a mountain and is a work of architecture ! The whole mountain was hollowed out and there is a huge cross in top. Almost 200 kilos !


The views were gorgeous and I would have loved to spend more time in both the places. Due to the fact that we were on a guided tour and that it was verrrryyy cold we got back to Madrid by the afternoon.

The rest of the day was spent walking down the streets of Madrid. Spending time in Isabelle Square and the Mayor Square.

The squares are really lively and have people dressed up in various costumes where you could go and get pictures clicked. They have a lot of cafes where one can just hang out and chill 🙂
There are also loads of shops to buy souvenirs from.
There is this bakery at Isabelle, called LA Mallorquina which had amazing sweet treats !

This is all for day 2 !


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