Madrid Day 1

Hola ! 

The Madrid experience has been amazing so far.

We took a train from Sevilla to Madrid and arrived in the afternoon. After checking in to Hotel Paseo Del Arte, we took off for a Segaway tour.
The tour guide, Carlos, taught us how to use the segaway, which is very simple. It is based on the principle of balance. You need to find your point of balance and lean forward to move forward and backwards to reverse. To stop you go back into the equibrium point.
After familiarising ourselves with it, we started off with the tour where he showed us the royal palace, the square of Spain, an Egyptian temple which was the gift of the Egyptians to Spain.



The Egyptian Temple

We rode our segaways through many beautiful gardens and picture points from where we could see the city of Madrid.


Segaway Practice !

Madrid of course is cold in comparison to both Barcelona and Sevilla. We froze on the Segaways and couldn’t feel our hands after the ride since we didn’t have gloves !


The Royal Palace

The segaway tour has been one of the best tours so far and was enjoyed thoroughly by everyone. It was exhilarating and it is a MUST do for everyone in my opinion 🙂

Post that we went to Cafe&Tapas in Mayor Square and had hot chocolate and ate dinner at a pizzeria just opposite to that.
It had decent vegetarian options as well 🙂

And that was our first day in Madrid !
Stay tuned for more !


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