The battle of the bulge is something very common nowadays. Overweight people face problems on a daily basis. And I am not talking about being bullied at school, being invisible, body shaming and the insecurities that come as a complete package to even those who may be 5-6 kilos overweight, but those daily issues which the skinny ones will never get. My best friend is beautiful and not just on the inside. She tells me beauty is not how much you weigh and I should stop being obsessed. Though she has had insecurities of her own, I can never expect any thin person to understand. Ever. This is because each battle with an insecurity is a whole new thing and they cannot be compared. Ever. 

So here is my list of everyday problems :

Shopping: The most dreaded one. I can never find clothes my size and when I do end up with something that fits me, it’s more of an unshapely sack than anything else. It goes without saying that the outfit looked a lot better on the mannequin than on me !

Jeans will always be loose at the waist and tight at the thighs. Never will you find the correct fit. I wear boyfriend jeans for crying out loud !! Don’t even get me started on lingerie ! And some styles will never suit you. Never. And the same goes with colours.

Shopping with your skinny friends : their problem – ‘this is too loose. Will it be too big for me ? ‘. They can pick up anything from the rack and it would fit them. And what’s more , even if they don’t like what they are wearing , they will carry it off with such a flair ! And still they complain ! Jesus !

Photo sessions : A girl’s life is incomplete without photography sessions with her bffs when the squad is on point. What the squad will never realise is that I can never be ‘on point’ for a photo session. Pictures of me will always be either too sharp or too bulky or the double chin will be visible or maybe the love handles. And the list is endless. Needless to say, I hate getting clicked. 

With the guys : I need not even elaborate on this one. Because if I start I won’t stop. People who are average looking are visible, but a fat person, like me – invisible. And that is that. They will look through me.

Navigating in small spaces in public places is another nightmare altogether !

Going to the parlour is embarrassing and so is eating in front of others !

Guru-gyaan : every one who knows about how you feel , will always tell you that you’re wrong. “Beauty lies within.” ” oh mg god, that dress looks good on you” ” oh that guy was totally checking you out” ” come on you’re not fat!” ” you need to stop obsessing about this, its not the end of the world” and the list is endless! 

I know all of this is true. But. ( there is always a but) . One can only stop obsessing over this if there are no constant reminders. And there will always be mirrors, photos, comments to pull you down that hole.

Well ofcourse one must be confident and then if it is that much of a deal one should work out and achieve what one wants to.


And that is exactly what I will do..till then I shall find humour in blogging 😉


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