Seville Day 2 – Cadiz

Today was a packed day 🙂
We went to Cadiz. On the way we got a short city tour, by our guide Melissa, of the various sites in Seville which we passed on the way out – La Macarina, the olive farms etc.

We started off in the morning by going to the winery Gonzalez Byass  that produces Sherry wine. They produce a brand which  is also popularly known as Tio  Peppe.


They took us on a guided tour around the winery and showed us the barrels. There are 90000 barrels there at present filled with sherry. They are placed in rows one on top of each other. The oldest on the ground placed on top of a layer of yellow sand which is watered to give the sherry the humidity that it needs. Every time they need to take out sherry, they take it out from the lowermost barrel ( that is the one on the ground) and only take out one third of the contents. This barrel is now filled with sherry from the barrel placed on the row above and the one on the first layer is filled by the barrel in the third layer.


The royal family of Spain has also signed some of the barrels there. There is also a cellar with 152 barrels which have flags of all the countries the company exports to.


Post that we went to the Royal School of Equestrian Art to see a horse show. It was breathtaking. The horses were we’ll kept and looked very happy. There are no words to express how wonderful the show was. The horses trotted cantered in perfect synchronization with the Spanish music. The show is titled ‘ How the Andalusian Horses Dance’. And the name says it all.


After that we went to Cadiz and spent a couple of hours walking through the old and new town. We had lunch at a Cerveseria Montadella ( don’t remember the exact name, apologies!). This was followed by a bus tour across the city where we saw the bay, the catherdrals, the beaches, the old tobacco factory, the city wall remnants, a beautifully manicured garden dedicated to Christopher Columbus etc.


And then we headed back to Seville. 🙂
Shopped around the streets near our hotel and ended up having an excellent dinner at Pomodoro.


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