Barcelona Day 3 – Figueres – Dali’s City and Girona

Today we went to see Dali Figurines and Girona village.
Girona was founded by the Romans and has a plethora of fine architectural delights including medieval walls, Gothic monuments, a Jewish museum and a cathedral. Dali has apparently been said to claim that his face resembles one of the sculptures on the facade of the cathedral.
We were lucky enough to be able to witness the easter mass today 🙂

New and old girona is divided by a river.


One of the interesting legends of the place is a lion on one of the pillars. They say if you want to come back you must kiss the lion’s bottom.

A part of the TV series, Game of Thrones has also been filmed here along with climax scenes from the movie Perfume. The guide also told us proudly, that Mark Zuckerberg had also stayed for a couple of days here !


We went next to Figueres, which is Dali’s City and theain attraction is Dali’s theatre museum.
And it was EXQUISITE !


I am not much of an artist and I don’t understand art. Nor do I like museums. But this. This was something else. His paintings and sculptures glaze over a wide range of techniques and methods.
His museum also contains his tomb and is also called a theatrical museum. It was resigned by him and he worked on it for thirteen to fourteen years.

There are also lots of jewel pieces which are inspired by certain paintings.
Words aren’t enough to express the beauty of his vast body of work.


His wife -Gala, Costa Brava, Girona, flies ( which are a symbol of protection) are integral parts of his work. One can also find dragons, lips and eggs in his work. He also stayed in the United states where he bought a Cadillac which is displayed in the museum. This is known as the arinkng Cadillac which has a mechanism, if one puts a coin into it, an umbrella opens up on top and it begins to rain actual water inside the car.

There are a lot of optical illusions in his work. Also there is a section devoted to May West , the Hollywood actress.

This is a MUST do for everyone. Even those who don’t like art.


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