Barcelona Day 2 – Montserrat

Today was the Montserrat Monastry tour in the first half of the day. We crossed the FCB football grounds and training areas on the way. Any football fan would love the place.

Montserrat is basically a multipeak mountain feature which is composed of a pink coloured conglomerate of sedimentary rocks about 45 kms away from Barcelona in the mountains.
There is also a monastery of the Benedictine Monks there.
There is a cathedral there as well and is host to the ‘Black Madonna’.

A museum with works of famous artists such as Dali is located in the area along with an exquisite wine tasting
tour which is a must do for all the wine lovers !

It has a tram which takes you to the peaks, which we visited ofcourse and is great for hiking. Needless to say the view is amazing 🙂

I am not much of the history types and was more interested in the hiking bit of things and spent most of my time there on the trails, hanging out with the cliffs &
clouds !
A visit to Barcelona, one would expect beaches but right now the weather in Barcelona isn’t the beach type !

We also went to La Rambla which is the lower part of the city and is a great place to walk around. It’s very near the city center. The only thing – beware of pocket pickers. You also get great souvenirs over where along with interesting places to eat. Specially of you want to sit out in the open and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Plaza Catalunya is another great place to spend time in. Its very lively with something or the other going on all the time.

My suggestion – walk down La Rambla and take a left at the end of it and come out via any of the parallel roads.

Tips and tricks : wear comfortable shoes. The tracks are really steep with loose rocks and pebbles.
Its sometimes foggy so the views may be clouded up !

Lessons learnt : try not to take pictures at the edge of the cliff. You may fall and definitely no striking yoga poses !  :p



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