cropped-img_20160321_085810.jpgAnd then it stopped.

The whole journey, the fight, the optimism, the fire faded.

As mentioned earlier I was doing this as a prerequisite to achieving my dream of joining the armed forces. I really wanted to be a pilot. I applied and cleared the preliminary writtens. Unfortunately I failed to clear the interview.

That was the day a dream died.
They always say never give up, keep trying. But I had lost..
The eagle had fallen even before it could rise.

Along with that, the workout stopped. It was a dark time. I was full of resentment. Most of the people around me failed to understand why I was so upset, since I could always apply again and give it another shot. Somehow I don’t function this way. Maybe I did not have it in me.

Since I was not a dieter. I was only into working out, the weight loss had been a slow process. Initially I watched what I ate and logged it in religiously and had weighed in at 68 kilos in Feb 2014. 7 kilos in 2.5 months. Which was slow by all standards. By the time I went for the interview in 2015 I was 58 kilos. And my goal was 55. Somehow I was satisfied with the slow progress since I never had to deny myself anything.

16 months and 17 kilos. A very slow pace.

It all stopped in March 2015.

The workouts became irregular & needless to say the weight started to pile on again. With the scales tipping up the self esteem tipped low. With one failure, I felt like a failure.

I passed out of college. Started working and at that point of time I tried to eat healthy but did not workout frequently. Maybe thrice a week and it was hardly what my typical workout was like.

However since the weight loss had become an essential part of my being I wanted to reach my goal weight, even if I couldn’t fly..and so here I am trying all over again 

This eagle. She won’t give up.
The eagle shall rise.
The eagle shall soar.


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