It’s All in the Head !

As I started going for a jog everyday, I began to target jogging 10 kilometres without stopping.

There were good days and bad days.

And then finally in February 2014 I managed to make it to the magic number! And boy was I overjoyed ?

It was one of the best days ever. The feeling of satisfaction. The elation. The empowerment it gave !

On that day I weighed in at 68 kilos.

And I kept at it .

I have realised. Weighloss is psychological. If you think you can run , you can. If you delude yourself into thinking you’re not hungry, you don’t feel hungry. If you think you are not tired and can still go on jogging, you will.

Its all in the head !
I am absolutely noone to lecture anyone on how to go about it. But experience tells me its a mind game. And for all those watching their weight and finding it tough, this is both good news and bad. Bad because some of us have a hard time with will power. And good because now you know what’s your Waterloo 🙂


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