Kickstart – Dec 2013

wp-1458282717358.jpg What stops me from working out :p
(Image : downloaded from somewhere on Facebook)

There were a few factors motivating me to lose weight, but when it struck exactly and what made me do it is something different altogether.

It was December 14th, 2013 and I had just finished my 3rd semester exams.
My father wanted me to start going
for morning walks with him and I decided to just go. I would try to get out of it every morning, but he was persistent. A very effective trick used in the family to get anyone to go and work out is, ‘ why don’t you go get ready and then we will see whether we should go or not’ , and by the time that is done, you think to yourself that you might as well go now that you’re awake and dressed ! ( works like a charm )

And one day I decided to jog around
the park where we went for a walk. The track was 1.4km and I could barely run 400 m. Which was embarrassing. That day onwards each day I would do a little more.
I never watched what I ate very religiously. I loved my chocolate and I had my bowl of chocolate ice cream or two pieces of chocolate everyday. But the rest of the food was controlled. ‘Portion control is all what its all about’, we have heard them say. I would have my Burger with coke at McDonalds. But skip the fries and the soft serve. And then dinner would be soup and toast. I enjoyed the food I liked and worked out as well
And after a point of time when you work out, you think to yourself , “do I really want that bag of chips? It would be equal to five days of running” and that is enough to put that down like a hot potato !

I’m no pro at all of this. But what I’ve learnt from experience. You diet, you crave and then the minute you go back to normal eating you gain weight !

I wont sugarcoat -It was not easy. It never is and it never will be.

But what you must know – anyone can do it. And trust me when I say that , since I’m the laziest person around !


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