Life in XL

'For there is no love greater than the love for food' ‘For there is no love greater than the love for food’

This is the diary of a fat girl. As most of the skinnies would not identify with, the life of a fat girl can be a heap of problems if you don’t have the correct attitude. And I didn’t . My insecurities always got the better of me !

Life began in 1994 and the weight piled on ever since I hit the age of 9. The butter chicken , chicken tikkas, mounds of ice cream, bags of chips and my greed were to blame .  It was never like I was unaware of the pile I had grown into, it is just that I lacked the will power or should I say ‘won’t power’ to say no to food.

Being an army brat, being pudgy didn’t work in my favour ever. But nothing really struck me till we moved to New Delhi, where looks mattered. At least a lot more than in the small towns we had been to earlier ! Class 7 onwards the cycle of crash diets, binge eating, crying began. And to be honest, it took me all of school and almost half of college to actually start losing weight .

At age 19 and a half , weighing in at 75 kilos. My journey began in 2014.

Why do I write about this now ? I have always been scared writing and publishing it. The fear of being judged by people always wins the battle. Specially when there are a heap of insecurities to deal with. The weight always made me conscious and under confident and needless to say, insecure.

Today I choose to start writing my story. The battle of the bulge. My journey.

The Diary of a Fat Girl -Life in XL.


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